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I have to sit like this

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complicatedmerary asked: (I'm greedy, I'm sorry) Misa, Takada, and Halle somehow getting a little turned on by the other

“Dragging me into a public bathroom to argue is just petty and classless,” Kiyomi scolds.

“You being here is pathetic!” Misa screeches. “You knew Light and I would be here, and you swooped in!” She readies her quivering hand to slap Kiyomi but a firm grip meets her wrist and suddenly a blonde bombshell towers over the squabblers.

“A words of advice,” she purrs. “If he makes you act like this, he isn’t worth it for either of you.”

Speechless, Misa and Kiyomi study the floor tiles.

“Why don’t the three of us go someplace else?” offers the captivating Amazon.

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complicatedmerary asked: Mello and Matt discovering Candyland

“So, how do you win?” Mello asks.

“There’s really no strategy; it’s all luck,” Matt replies, extinguishing a spent cigarette.

“Sounds like my life,” huffs the blonde.

Mello spends the duration of the game searching for candy he swears Hasbro has hidden somewhere in the game box despite Matt trying to convince him otherwise, criticizing Queen Frostine’s makeup, telling  Mr. Mint just where he can stick his ax, cursing the color yellow, and accusing Matt of cheating somehow.  By the time the night is through, the only thing they can agree on is that Gloppy is a really stupid name.

Filed under complicatedmerary drabble challenge thanks for the prompt! i laughed all the way through this i had the candyland game for pc long ago in the days of windows 95 too it was a life altering game even though it crashed constantly

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complicatedmerary asked: Light and Misa at a Victoria's Secret store

It’s their first outing since L’s passing, and this is her idea of a good time. She squeezes his shoulders, trying to transfer some of her surplus energy to his weary bones. Prancing between racks overflowing with lace and taffeta she giggles coquettishly, loading her arms full of treasures.

“What do you think of this one, Light?” she coos. He grumbles. “Maybe we could spice it up with some handcuffs or something?” she winks.

“Handcuffs,” he repeats. It echoes deep within his aching heart.

He spends the rest of the excursion rubbing his eyes, blaming the dust in the air.

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snow-white-sheep asked: Gevanni making Near go to bed. -blushes and crawls away-

Near proclaims that he isn’t tired, but Gevanni knows better. Judging by his severe slump over his pile of robots, monster trucks, and jungle animals, Near knows it too but he’ll never admit it.

“I don’t want to go to bed,” Near pouts. He’s too old for this behavior.

“Why not?”

“I think too much at night.”

Gevanni sighs, waving a plastic robot in Near’s face. “I can come with you. That way if something is on your mind, you can talk to me about it.”

Near ponders for a moment and nods. “Say, Gevanni? Do you know any lullabies?” 

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deathnoting asked: yoooo lxb, carnie au *slinks away*

For the fifth time that day, L attempts to persuade B not to sprinkle arsenic in the cotton candy machine. B teases him with the prospect of putting it in the funnel cake batter instead, insisting that L is no fun.

B rigs the ring toss, he pickpockets young women as they get on and off of rides. He sets the tilt-a-whirl for its maximum speed limit, and makes L clean up the vomit afterward.

Then at night, when the circus lights shine across the field, you can find B and L with their tongues intertwined behind the big top.

Filed under deathnoting drabble challenge thank you so much jaye this was hella fun to write i sorta want to continue it i imagine b as a complete asshole carnival worker who messes with people for his own amusement and then he hides in the ticket office and laughs while he counts all the money he stole

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xforestofinkx asked: Death note and The Shining AU were Light is the hotel's keeper for the winter? :)

“Bless you for giving me a place to stay,” the crouching man in the tattered clothing smiles to me. “One hell of a snowstorm out there, huh?”

I can’t see the snow for the blinding white of the apparitions soaring around the room. The voices penetrate my shreds of thoughts.

“I’m a detective traveling for a complicated case,” the man continues. “I feel like I’m chasing the perpetrator in circles.”

Circles. They fly in circles around the desk; laughing, screaming, chanting.

Kill him.

“How… interesting,” I choke out, giving in. “Why don’t you step over here and sign my guestbook.”

Filed under xforestofinkx drabble challenge thank you! i took some creative liberties with this i hope that's ok i figured since it's still dn and the shining is about a hotel WHAT BETTER THING TO DO THAN MAKE THE DN AN EVIL GUESTBOOK

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Anonymous asked: (embarrased) can you do lxlight smut?

“I’m tired of this,” Light growls, pinning L against the wall. “I’m not Kira. What’s it going to take to convince you?” He’s been imprisoned, tortured, and now he’s handcuffed to his irritatingly beautiful nemesis. L presses his hips into him, challenging him.

“With this behavior, you’re raising my suspicions even more,” L snarls, feeling the vicious heat of Light’s breath against his neck. There’s a hint of arousal in his voice and Light latches onto it.

“I’m raising something else too, right?” Light teases, hooking his thumbs into the belt loops of L’s jeans.

That’s when L loses it.

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mattysones asked: L making Light try a new pastry~

“You eat plenty of weird stuff, but this takes the cake,” Light jests. No one laughs at the horrible joke. “What is that, some kind of mutant cheeseburger?”

“It’s a macaron, you uncultured heathen,” L scoffs. “It’s a French dessert. Watari imports them directly from Paris for me.  Here, eat one. ”

“Maybe one,” Light stammers, taking a seat next to L and flicking away the crumbs from the desk. They eat the entire tray in one sitting and later, when no one is looking, they spend the remainder of the afternoon licking the cream off of the other’s lips.

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“Baby carrots,” Light says enthusiastically, shoving a ceramic bowl under L’s nose. “With sugar.” The detective stops typing for a moment to consider.

Sachiko taught Light long ago that the right amount butter and sugar would make carrots taste better.  Maybe, just maybe, he could persuade L to give them a shot.

“Absurd. Sugar on vegetables is a repulsive idea,” L moans, but he’s curious. Ignoring the fork Light carefully laid across the bowl, he crudely grasps a carrot between his thumb and forefinger and hesitantly brings it to his mouth.

He chews slowly, pensively, loudly.  

“Bring me another bowl.”

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